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Ethical Wills and Family Love Letters

Ethical wills, also known as family love letters or legacy letters, record more than just your memories or life events. They are a statement from the heart, of the values and principles which guide your life, and which you wish to pass on to your loved ones. Ethical wills offer an opportunity to record your thoughts, philosophies and advice on video in a direct, simple format to share with those closest to you.

Ethical wills are not considered legal documents, and are not to be confused with "living wills” or your "last will and testament,” which are legal documents.

Prices start at: $700
for up to 1 hour minimally edited video
to remove long pauses and unwanted noises.

Expenses for travel outside of the Edmonton area are billed at cost, plus fee. 

Pricing, offers and promotions subject to change without notice at any time.

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