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Why Document Personal History?

The benefits of capturing your history are immense: you can uncover and preserve family stories, pass down personal values, and create lasting bonds between generations.

Within two generations most oral traditions and stories are lost, and with them any meaningful relationships with the relatives and friends who have influenced your life.

Memory Catcher personal video biographies allow future generations an extraordinary opportunity to learn about their ancestors in a personal manner, seeing themselves in the family, remembering their roots, and cherishing their history. They will be grateful for this rare and priceless opportunity to actually get to become acquainted with the names on their family tree, truly know their heritage, and understand where they come from.

Memory Catcher creates multi-purpose videos for personal biographies, end of life celebrations, and as tributes for special events such as milestone birthdays, retirement tributes, etc. Video biographies of a couple’s life story may be completed as a wedding story, or for an anniversary celebration.

We also film corporate biographies and projects for historical societies, communities, charities, businesses and other organizations. Our professionally filmed documentaries can be an integral part of training, fund-raisers and promoting your company.

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