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Corporate Video Biographies

Memory Catcher writes, directs and produces corporate video biographies that tell the story of your successful business, organization, charity, or municipality. Corporate video biographies chronicle your company story, celebrate your corporate culture, and honour the individuals who have been integral to building your business. They engage your employees, and connect them to our company story. Corporate video biographies are effective in building customer loyalty, attracting new employees and clients, and identifying to potential clients what your company stands for. Our professionally filmed documentaries can be an integral part of training, fundraising and promoting your company.

Your corporate video biography will be filmed in HD video, and include quality narration and graphics, when applicable. We deliver our videos in multiple formats, so that it may be multipurposed for your website, television, trade shows or DVD to honour your company. Corporate video biographies include client testimonials, music, and titles.

Please contact us for a detailed estimate
for the completion of corporate video projects
for your website, trade show use, etc.

Please be aware that your favourite music may not necessarily be able to be included in your video biography. The rights to use commercial music can be quite expensive. To avoid these high costs, Memory Catcher uses music from licenced music libraries instead.

Expenses for travel outside of the Edmonton area are billed at cost, plus fee. 

Pricing, offers and promotions subject to change without notice at any time.


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